Cute sexy clothes for short curvy girls?

I'm 18 years old - 5'2'' tall - 117 lbs - 34D

big hips, some tummy & love handles

(hate my weight but trying to fix it)

it really sucks trying to find clothes that skim over the curvier parts of me, don't make me look like I'm hiding something, & are still sexy, cute, and stylish.

help please! :)


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  • hey girl, we're really similar..

    im 5'1 and 115 lbs. but have 32DD's (yes people, it is possible!), a small waist and big hips (35-26-35, a true hourglass). its not unproportionate, just super curvy.

    like you said, there's a HUGE difference between being thin/skinny and petite/small, so it can be difficult to find clothes that fit well. try shopping in the petite section at stores. the clothes are cut a little bit "shorter" than usual in order to fit your body well and look proportionate. it can be tough to find cute clothes that fit... but just keep looking!

    try to draw attention to your thinnest parts (whether its your waist, arms, or legs).

    try shirts and dresses with empire waists (will show off your chest and hide the tummy).

    try jeans with a higher rise (will cover the love handles and not chop them off half way, creating a "muffin top").

    try high waisted skirts (will cover up the tummy and love handles and show off your hips/curves).

    try belting tops and dresses to show off your waist.

    try to avoid super long tops (will make your legs look short).

    avoid voluminous tops with lots of material (they will only add extra weight and volume, which you don't want!)

    hope this helped a little! I know how hard it is to find cute, well fitting clothes!

    good luck!


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  • Lies. You're 5'2" 117lbs.. and carry 34d's? Not happy with your weight? You'd blow away in the wind at 117lbs. Something here screams... I NEED ATTENTION.

    • ... except not? why would I lie about that as an anonymous poster on a random website? I'm small, but that ISN'T the same thing as being thin. I'm pretty much as non-athletic as one can get so the weight is all fat & no muscle. and I have 38 degree scoliosis (40 degrees is when they suggest corrective surgery), so my proportions don't match. don't be so quick to judge... ass. I can give you picture proof it'll mean you'll actually give me the help I ASKED for. thanks a lot.

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  • 5'2" 117lbs, and 34D? There is no way you could also have love handles. I'm 5'2" and 125 lbs, and I know that if I had boobs that big that I would look horribly unproportionate. There is also no way that you have big hips and 'some tummy' on top of that, unless your fat doesn't weigh anything.

    • Wellllll I'm not sure what to tell you. everyone's body is different. maybe you just have way more muscle than I do (wouldn't be too hard). maybe my scale is f***ed up. maybe aliens secretly gave me weightless breast implants. I'm telling you that I DO have love handles and enough of a tummy that I'm embarrassed to wear a f***ing swimsuit. so unless you're here to give me some style tips, aka what the question is about, I'd appreciate if you brought your cynicism elsewhere.

  • ruffle tops would look good on you. They're good at hiding what you don't to the world to see and also good at showing off your curves





    • Thank you! I loveee the second one especially