Is it still possible for me to clear my skin? How?

I used to have the perfect face like i had no acne and stuff. Just oily skin. Thats all the problem i had. Then my bad skin started appearing about late last year. Im 14 right now. I have pimples across my nose and on my chin and blemishes and dark under eyes and dark spots from pimple that faded.
I also noticed my pores on my nose and cheeks are becoming noticeable. I dont want my pores this big at this age because i dont want huge pores on my nose by the time im a mom.

How can i clear my skin?
How can i stop my pimples on the nose and chin areas?
How can i reduce the size of pores?
Is there like a treatment or facial wash i should use?


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  • In the same boat as you (bottom of my nose is totally pink fml and a bunch of pimples) all that really helped was a bunch of pharmacy creams and something my doctor prescribed or recommended and using a face wash reguarly


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  • At your age you will probably need something stronger than a normal skincare routine. There is great medication and topical treatments available but you will need to see a dermatologist. It is vital. Especially at your age. Do yourself a favor and visit one to look and advise. They know the best and can treat the problem from inside. Cause likely your problem is normal teen hormones and no amount of special face washes will help in the long run.

    Good products to look out for excluding your derma visit is Cetaphil's cleansers and pure tea tree oil. Never ever use tea tree undilluted though. It should always be dilluted with water. Put this on your acne spots and they will help fade quickly. Also drink water and exercise. Avoid using drugstore moisturizers. They often just did more harm to me than good.


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  • You can see a dermatologist if it gets really bad. That's what I did. If it gets really bad you can use roaccutane, that's the most efficient one to use and it will clear it up right away, but I think you are too young yet. It's pretty strong stuff... in the meantime I suggest you use a mild facial scrub for the mornings so you get rid of dead skin. Don't scrub the crap out of your skin, it will make it worse and more oil will be produced.

    I also suggest steam for fun and games. Put your face over some steam for a few minutes. It will open up your pores and clean them when the water condensates.

    Wash your face with cold water in the mornings, and mildly warm water at night. Don't wash your face more than two times a day.

    As for oil, the trick is to keep your skin hydrated, so it will trick your skin into "thinking" you don't need more oil, so it will naturally produce less.

    I suggest not to listen to those youtube videos about egg white masks and stuff. What they use otherwise as products are very pricey and the techniques rarely work. I recommend the simplest ways, they are often the best. I use facial scrubs from nivea and normal hydrating cream. My face looks better as I get older and my oil is a lot more controllable.

    Cold water make your pores larger, but they hydrate a lot better (recommend cold water in the mornings because it keeps your makeup fresh and longer lasting)

    Warm water make your pores smaller but make your skin very dry. Too dry skin equals dead skin and more oil.

    If you have questions please ask! I have lots of experience with bad acne. Good luck!

    • Thanks!!
      Are there other ways to like permanently reduce the size of pores?

    • If you do it regularly with a routine for a period of time, yes, absolutely. Just remember to be patient, acne is tricky business...

      No problem :)))

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