How to lighten dark brown balayage to bring out the bleached color?

So i got my hair done three months ago at the salon. I got a dark brown balayage but i wanted it to be ash blonde sort of thing. Something light. Before the hairdresser dyed my hair dark brown, she bleached it. Is there any way i could strip that dark brown color to bring out the bleached color? I did notice my hair was a lot lighter than it was when dyed.

Basically what im asking is if i use like a color stripping shampoo or whatever, will that mean my hair will be lighter because of the bleach? Or how can i bring out the bleached bit and take out the dark brown?


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  • Fade it, you mean?

  • "I wanted it to be ash blonde sort of thing" Ah don't we all? Ash blonde is the hardest to achieve if your hair has red undertones.
    Anyway, try vanish color corrector?


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