What do guys like most about girls?

What do guys find most attractive about girls?


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  • For me it's the curves. Women have a lot of curves: lips, cheek, forehead, neck, shoulder, back, waistline, butt, the bulge of belly over the womb area, thighs, calves, mound of Venus... Oh don't forget bust, some very special curves there. The first curve I usually notice is the waistline, so don't get too fat or it will disappear, it's something about the waist being narrower than the hips that separates the women from the boys. Even skinny girls have attractive feminine curves. Oolala!


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  • here it is...in the same order as they matter!

    1> Gorgeous Face

    2> Figurie Figure

    3> Good Nature

    4> Feminine Voice

    5> Good Dressing Sense (need not be hot or sexy)

  • A girl who can make me a sandwich, and then bring it to me.

    Oh and then looks, clothes, and personality :V

    • I think your right.. lol.. they say the quickest way to a man's heart is through their stomache.. lol

    • It's also the quickest way into a girl's pants. I find if you can cook her something really impressive, or heck even something really tasty that takes even a little bit of skill, she'll totally be all over him. It's not a guarantee mind you, but it's worked on roughly 75% of the girls I cooked for. Sex almost immediately followed dinner. I can also tell you that nearly all of them date me after I cook. It's funny how that works. I wish I fully understood it though.

      (PS a sammich doesn't cut it)

    • This is true. I have noticed that.

  • Looks first off all, assets next (t*ts then clothes) then when a guy finally plucks the courage up to talk to a girls Intrest in you (the guy).


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