Can I lighten and tone my chocolate brown dyed hair at home?

Three months ago i got this dark brown balayage ombre. My hair is originally black. Its a little lighter now but its becoming brassy slowly. This is what i wanted to do:
- Buy a color stripping shampoo or a shampoo that slowly fades the hair dye and use it to lighten my hair
-When my hair is lighter i will use a purple shampoo to tone it

Will it work? What shampoos will be great for fading my choc brown color? Like something from the grocery store? I live in aistralia by the way.

Since my hair was bleached before it was dyed, i was hoping color stripping it with a shampoo then toning it will give like an ash blonde sort of thing.


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  • have you thought of the cinnamon, honey and water or olive oil? it can lift some hair up 2 levels naturally. I don't know if it will work for you, but youtube has a lot of videos of it.

  • Purple won't give ya an ash. You gotta use something with a green base to get an ash.

    • Whats the purple for then? Do you know any green shampoos at the stores

    • Purple is to feed a red tones, like auburn, or burgundy etc.
      Honestly, I'm not sure.

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