Girls, How do I draw perfect, symmetrical eyebrows, given that I don't remove any brow hair?

I don't tweez, wax, thread or trim my eyebrows at all. They are completely natural and intact, and I don't want to remove any brow hair either.

If you look at my profile pic then you can see my brows, although not the thickest, are still fairly thick and for now I only fill in sparse areas. It is just fine for hangouts and parties, but I wish to give them a better shape and arch on special occasions ~cause I love wearing very dramatic and bold makeup on such days~ Sadly every makeup guru I see on YouTube have half of their brows removed and then they draw it again. Those tutorials don't work for me.

Any tips on how I can do it? I don't see ANYONE talking about it. :(
Can I get this clear again? I don't want to change the natural form of my eyebrows. This is just makeup that I can remove it at the end of the day to get my natural, imprefect brows back. So no, I don't wanna microblade either.


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  • Use a brow pencil or even brow powder to fill in the sparseness. That will give it a more natural look. Make sure to brush the pencil/powder through your brows to soften it. There are so many different options though. Powders, pencils, tints, pomades. But for your brows that's what I'd suggest. Or, if you can, get them microbladed. It's a semi permanent tattoo that fills in and shapes.

  • go to a hair dresser


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