What are your thoughts on men getting manicures and pedicures?

My wife's been trying to get me to go to the Salon to get pedicures for the last year and since about February I've been going with her once a month. And yesterday when I went with her, her and the manicurist convince me to get a manicure too. Overall I think it is fun and keeps my hands and feet looking nice and as for color the most I got was clear on my feet. So my question is what are women's thought on going to a nail salon and sitting by a guy getting his done? And to the guys is there any other guys out there that do this?
  • Yes can get manicures and pedicures but with no polish
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  • No a man should not get manicures and pedicures
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  • Yes men can get manicures and pedicures with clear polish or buffed
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  • Yes a man can get manicures and pedicures with colored polish
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  • I think that there is nothing wrong with it. If a guy has the money and wants to spend it then that is his choice ;) I personally can't get it done as much as I would like to but when I do it is very nice. I normally do a clear coat on my hands and depending on my mood something fun with my toes LOL, when my daughter and I do it together then we normally get matching toes, she thinks it is so funny for us to have the same color & that is my.02 Cents ;)


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