Need advice!!!@?

Wanted to try top knot... well mother got disappointed seeing the long hair ordered to get out of the house of cut the hair.. found refuge in aunts house... got rid of some hair.. but don't think it's enough for mom.. need to go back today to my house... what would you do or say now? me


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  • Before I give you my advice, there is a question you should answer honestly to yourself. Are there other things that you and your mother disagree on such as poor grades, avoiding the family, cursing, playing video games too long, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or others?

    • If you fix one or two of those other problems and then tell your mother that you just want to try a top knot, and that it is temporary, she will let you keep the long hair.

    • yes brother, tnx

  • your 22. do whatever you want

    • my mother is too concerned of what my neighbours would say... well I happen to not care what others would say.

    • She seems like a budding traditionalist. you got to walk your own beaten path and take a chance. She'll either adjust or kick you out.

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