Size 10?

There is something I never understood, how come girls say size 10 shoes is consider huge? I think big feet is attractive =)


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  • size 10 for a girl is huge

    • I do not think so, I think a size 12 is huge. I do not think at all a size 10 is huge but more as normal.

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  • Hey everybody saying it's huge - when you're 5'8 and taller -- you can't have size 5 feet. You would not be able to walk right, your posture would be hindered, and so on. Feet (and hands, legs, arms, breasts, etc) are all proportional (most of the time) to the rest of your body.

    For the guys out there saying it's huge - how tall are the girls you're looking at? For the women, just because you may be 5'2 and petite, does not mean that it's "weird" for other women 6-12" taller than you to have larger feet.

    It's almost like saying that someone who weighs 200lbs but is 6'8 is "super fat."

    Don't hate on things that aren't familiar to you.

    • Even though I know this is true

      sometimes it hits us taller women :/

      i'm almost 5' 8" [ if I haven't hit that already ]

      and I wear size 9 1/2 shoes.

      its hard seeing petite women w/o me thinking "damn. I got some big feet."

    • I wear 8-9.5 usually 9 and sometimes I'll get some comment about my feet (I also apparently have small toes and not a super long "index" toe for lack of better words so I get mad hate) but when I look at the petite women, I just remember that I've got the height and the long legs. I'd take a few inches and a size bigger feet any day. Your feet aren't big. Trust me. Besides, like I said, everyone looks at everyone else and wishes they had something they don't, etc.

    • You are a tall girl, same here

  • A size ten is really really big. Like I could probably fit two of my feet into one of those shoes. I wore a size 2.5 in little girls before I got pregnant. Now I wear about a 6 because of all the swelling and pressure on my feet. I could never imagine having a size 10 foot. My husband notices that I have much smaller feet than most girls though.

    • It's only "really really big" for you because you wear a size 6.

      For me, I think size 6 is "really really" small.

      If your a tall person (which I am) its impossible to fit into such small sizes ; size ten isn't big at all for a tall girl.

    • You are small, just how tall are you? 5'0?

    • @simplysiobhan.. The question was based on opinion. I think a size 10 is really big, I even think my little sisters size 8s are big and she is a lot taller than me. My opinion doesn't change based on the persons height.

      @OP.. Yeah I'm between 4'11" and 5'0"

  • size 10 is obesive

  • Not for a guy at all. My boyfriend where's a 14 ha you're fine

    • Guess not I wear size 17

  • the taller you are, the taller/longer your body parts are. I'm 5'8 height and I wear a size 8-9 depending on the shoes, like sneakers runs from 8 and heels and sandals 9...and that is pretty average for women...i think 8 is the most common size for women.

    most models and celebs who are tall also have size 9-11 feet...if you look at magazines and red carpet outfits, their shoes/feet are pretty large, but the key here is that it is proportionate with your body. If you're short you're going to have smaller feet, if you're tall you will have longer feet and arms.

    and yes I agree it is attractive lol. I've never had a problem with the size of my feet...

  • for a girl it is big. I would know


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  • I've never heard anyone say size 10 shoes are huge. Isn't that around the average size? I've heard comments about guys with 14+ size shoes as being large.

  • That is frigging huge. Even for a guy that's just above average.

    If you find them attractive, then fair enough. I prefer petite little vein sans veins and sinewy tendons, in a pair of pretty heels. It's not a make or break thing though.

  • Ask Shaq. I think I could hibernate in his size 22 shoes.

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