After many years of having a full head of hair, I've recently had to shave it. Why? because I'm going f*****g bald! I'm devastated as it seems to be the first sign of me being forced to say goodbye to my youth. I'm considering paying whatever it takes to get the problem sorted but I've had several people tell me to either not be stupid and take it like a man or some saying the shaved head looks good on me. So what are peoples opinions on baldness?


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  • I think there are a lot of hot guys with bald head. Some of them have done it by choice. The main thing that will make it sexy is you. If you ahve cnfidence in you rstyle then women will still love you!

    Also get edgy with it, make it your 'thing' buy some really rockin' sunglasses. Experiment with facial hair that sort of thing. Vin diesel, Ed Norton (in film "my america" I think), Lex luther (smallville) these are just few names off the top of my head of hot guys that have have the blad style.

    Remember to protect you head in the sun though! eg hats or suncream

    • Thanks, I'm already trying the different sunglasses and facial hair. It seems to balance the lack of hair nicely :) . And I've learnt the suncream lesson already too.

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  • Embrace it:D. if it bothers you other people will notice it...and finding ways around going bald never really turns out well. Example: comb overs. Blah.(:

    • Now a comb over would be deperate I must admit :) . I'm slowly comming to terms with it now but I'll have to see if women like it.

    • Women like confidence, so if you still feel confident I'm sure no one will have a problem with it.(: good luck!

    • After nearly two weeks of accepting the baldness I've learnt it isn't all bad, just have to keep the head regulary shaved. but I didn't think about having to suncream my head though, jesus it burns bad.

  • Mostly people getting bald at the age 40's but some people experienced it because of genetics.

    If you are losing your hair then take vitamins that promote hair growth. I've heard about Reloxe which is good for hair loss treatment.


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  • actually I heard about a lot about how a natural product of aloevera make hair grow again but it takes time! the company which provides the product: forever living products!

    well I don't know if it works really!

    dont worry about being bald because every man has to face it one day! even me(I am still 18 and my hair is falling too, only at a very slow rate! meaning I will start being bald @ around 25/26!

    anyways girls like bald or having short hair. do whatever you want to, and dont

    listen to others..

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