I'm fat but I do have curves I'm 5'10 155 lbs and I have curves is that a bad thing? I love my curves I just wanted to know what others thoughts were

i meant I'm not fat sorry


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  • A "curvy" woman is what all the sculptors of ancient Greece and Rome used as models. And as far as I'm concerned, for good reason. I prefer a girl/woman with a lil' "meat" on her bones. I mean, have you ever hugged a 2x4? All flat and no give or anything to hold onto.

    In answer to your question, curves are much more appealing.


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  • As long as a girl with curves does not dress like she weights 75lbs dripping wet.. its alright..

    My point being.. know your body and dress to accent what you have that's good.

    BTW: Your not fat. You are actually quite cute.

    • Well thank you for the comment

    • I agree with that a curvy woman should know how to dress herself accordingly to her shape to accentuate her greatest assets because if you dont flaunt it and show off the curves you havenand dont have enough confidence, you may slouch and wear clothes that do not have a good effect on your appearence which may make you look bigger than whatnyou actually are.

  • you look fine

  • I see curves on a girl as a real good thing. Not bad at all.


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