What hairstyle guys prefer on a girl?

seee, I have long thick straight brown hair, and its healthy and shiny and pretty, but in bored with wearing it straight so, lately I've been doing wild hairstyles, crimping it, big random fishtail braids, along with regular braids, sometimes ill tease it, my friends say it looks good on me, and I think it looks good, but, I want to know a guys opinion. I also don't wear crazy makeup, just brown eyeliner and mascara along with foundation and blush. I try and keep my makeup simple if my hair is way out there. so should I go for the straight and polished look? or the wild and crazy look?


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  • They probably both look good in different ways. I like tons of different styles on girls. The only time I can say I don't like a girl's hair is when it's really really short (like a guy's hair). The hairstyle I seem to be most attracted to is long, straight, and black.

  • I don't know much about girls hair but maybe curl it at the front.

    Plz for the love of God dnt cut it short lol!


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