How to look good on the beach?

I'm going to Hawaii in a month. I know most of my time in Hawaii will probably be spent at the beach, water activities, etc., but I normally look really gross at the beach, haha. I look fine in my bathing suit, not the most blessed in the chest area, but I have a flat stomach and cute butt. I just tend to sweat a lot and get all yucky, and I don't know what to do with my hair...

Basically I'm asking how to keep myself looking good/fresh at the beach.

Also, for anyone who has been to Hawaii, any things I should really do while I'm there?


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  • 1) Put your hair up. 2) There is a bathing suit out there that looks flattering for any woman. 3) Make sure a very large soft blanket and bring a chair. 4) Use sun block -- not oil -- too yucky. 5)Drink modest amounts of water. 6) Occasionally go under an umbrella so you are taking a break from the sun every once in awhile.

    What island will you be on?

    • Maui :) thanks for the tips :)

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  • Wear those coconut bra thingys and flash some ass.


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  • I'm sure you don't look gross, as for the hair.. a high bun works the best trust me.

    I go to the beach almost every other day, and I always put my hair up in a high bun.

    While you're their you should probably visit some volcanos, and go to a luau, because it's amazing. I don't know what island you're going too, but if you have a chance to take a helicopter tour you'll never forget it. There's really no better way to see everything.

    Just try try to chill out and enjoy your time. I hope you have a amazing vacation (: