Why did this older woman snog me?

At A BBQ recently, a woman who is 53yrs old (has had 'her eye on me' for years now) and whilst there she said I should snog her, so I did on 3 occasions in the 1 day!

She always drags me up to dance at parties etc, so at the BBQ I changed into cargo shorts from trousers and as soon as I came out she wolf whistled at me!

Then as we sat down. she started holding my hand. I am 23yrs old man and 6ft tall.

What is she up to?



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  • Sorry, but is this for real?

    Is this a genuine question? If so, I find it really funny.. lol (no offence)

    What do you mean what is she up to? She's trying her hardest to win you over and you're letting her, I mean snogging someone who could be your mother three times... she's going to take advantage, right?

    Oh well, 10 years you'll be 33 and she'll be 63 and wrinkled, nice relationship for you and some eye candy too.


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  • WTF is snog?

    • It's a kiss i.e. 'making out' & I think you know that!