Girls: What do guys do wrong? What to do instead?

I'm curious what sort of experiences girls have had with dates, relationships and sex that they thought was wrong, or just could've been done better in a different way. I want girls to say what guys do wrong and what they could do right instead.

A) What do guys do wrong?

B) What should guys do instead of the wrong things mentioned?

I appreciate all responses, girls, and don't be afraid to be heartfelt about the flaws you see in guys, and how to improve and do something better.


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  • I don't know how helpful this will be but one thing that a few guys have done that bothers me a lot is that they will be kind of arrogant and act like they know more than me about most topics or like they are just more intelligent than I am. They came across as super condescending and I felt like they were completely dismissing my point of view on things and underestimating me.

    I always appreciate it when guys are considerate, able to put themselves in the other person's shoes, and show empathy. I feel like if they have those key traits, most other things kind of follow? I would say a good idea is for guys to use what they know about the girl they're with to put themselves in her shoes. Still, I realize that can be really tricky, so I think communication is the key, in the end. That can be difficult but at least it shows you're trying and that counts for a lot, at least with me.

    That's my opinion, anyway!


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  • Man just be yourself!

    i want a man to actually show me off to their guy friends to hold me to not be afraid to say sh*t but there isn't a lot of guys like that out there guy's should also be more straight up about things like if you don't want to be with her tell her don't cheat on her or if you don't like or love her no more tell her too because later on it will hurt even more and she will probably hate you but I don't know I'm talking out of my own expierences that I have went through..


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