Makeup tips (Eyebrows) ?

My eyebrows aren't bad but there not no instagram brows. and for the people that do have instagram brows... how do you do it? what is your secret !! haha but forreal.


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  • my eyebrows are already perfect so I don't touch them. you should watch youtube. and anastasha hulls has popular help

    • hahah good idea! they make it look so kuch easier than what it is tho lol.

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  • my eyebrows are naturally similar to that shape so I just brush em and pluck stays and go. depending on the day I might go over them with brown mascara

  • Use eyeshadow and an angle brush.

    • i use eyeshadow now.. but my hair is really blonde so the end of my eyebrow looks like there isn't anything there haha and eyeshadow dont show up much. is there any other way?

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