Questions that need to be laid to rest ?

You see a lot of questions that reoccur like crazy right? Questions you get asked about men/women or relationships and other things you get tired of hearing and some of us don't wanna see/hear them anymore. State the question that you see way to much then put in your 2 cents, how you feel about it, if it's ridiculous or true and lets lay it to rest


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  • Loads.

    "How can I make him love me?"

    "He's came back to me, what do I do?"

    "How do I tell if he likes me?"

    I just feel like I cba to read it or answer it, I need something different to answer, a bit of a challenge.

    It's common sense to know things. No don't go back to your ex. You can't make anyone love you. Its obvious if someone likes you.

    If it's that hard, read other questions asked and their reply, alright it may not be the exact same situation but it normally consists of the same advice/information


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  • "Do guys like girls with or without makeup?" "Do guys like makeup on girls?" "I don't wear any makeup, is this okay?" And any questions along those lines. It seems there is at least one question like this everyday, especially on the style boards. Why can't they just search a little through the previous questions?

    I also hate ones that are not even questions, but some personal rant. Sometimes they stick some lame rhetorical question in, but come on, this is not the place for ranting.

    • Very true, if there is something guys don't like more than anything its a girl who isn't herself, hell if they like to wear makeup then they should wear makeup

  • the ultimate stupid question is:

    "am I pretty/hot/beautiful?"

    oh for the love of God. yes you're pretty stop fishing for compliments you selfish girls. all you want is guys to look at your body and objectify you. GET OVER IT!

    i am so sick and tired of this crap.

  • "what is it like to lose your virginity?"

    "do guys like short/black/fat/asian/tall/etc girls?"

    "do guys really like innocent girls? is it ok?"

    "why won't he call/text/answer me back?"

    For all of these questions, just search for the keyword and you'll find plenty of questions just like it. I really suspect a lot of people ask these questions because they're bored.


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  • Laid to rest was a ripoff of into the pit.

    "Am I pretty?"

    "Do White guys like Black girls?"

    "How do I know if he/she likes me?"

  • My d*** is 19 inches long. Is that small?

    My inner labia is big. Is that bad?

    Want to do my geometry homework for me?

    I know that I have a nice body, but I am going to ask people to rate me anyway.

    I hate these questions.

    • LMAO, nice I like your response

    • Oh and someone with the screen name '69Queen' just asked how to give head. I mean c'mon.

    • Lol, wow that's just stupid, she can just get tips from her sister