Should I grow the beard back out or shave, my dudes?

Should I grow the beard back out or shave, my dudes??
  • Shave u ugly duck! 😡
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  • Grow it back out even longer than before! 😌
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  • Depends. If your girl is complaining about it when you go down on her then shave it. Most don't mind the pussy tickler (moustache) but the rest I've had less than rave reviews (one said it felt like she was getting eaten out by a billy goat when I decided to grow a goatee, guess that's where the name came from, so got rid of it).

    • I don't have a girl. I'm single.

    • Then do whatever you are happy with. I went withe a soul patch and moustache presently. From october-april I grow it all out as a built-in scarf.

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