How I can make my face skin beatiful back?

after acens 😢


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  • Use coconut oil to fade the scars.


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  • A lot of it will clear up on its own if you give it a little time. Furthermore, once you've given it a little more time, you'll find that making fun of acne is basically specific to teenagers.

    What might help you really varies as different people have different skin types.

    You might find scrubbing helps - I use a brand called Acure at the moment which has all sorts of fruit extracts and uses walnut shells for scrubbing and works pretty well for me. A common brand is St. Ives but they use plastic microbeads and their ingredients are less natural and may be more likely to irritate your skin.

    You can try some sort of deep cleanser that isn't a scrubber. I'm not sure offhand on this one.

    You could try toner which may use a base of alcohol and/or witch hazel to dry out your pores a bit if you happen to have really oily skin.

    You can try gels of ingredients like salicylic acid. Or you can find gels that are even stronger and use stuff like lactic acid. These work well for some people but can make things worse for others.

    Also, whatever you do use, rinse it off really well - any soap residue will cause acne (similarly, not rinsing your shampoo/conditioner off well enough can case backne).

    And other than that.. never touch your face when you don't need to.

    As emerald77 said, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and various other ingredients can help with scars, though in my experience they don't help that much. And be careful about using oil to fade scars, because that can actually bring the acne back...

    Honestly even if you see a doctor there will be some experimentation, but a doctor who actually looks at your skin may at least be able to give you a better starting point than I can or other people here can.


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  • go to skin Doctor, he better help. you

  • Face mask.


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