Do these jeans look good? and will people see me as a fake if I wear them?

I usually like wearing all black and I see myself as a goth, but I want to switch up a little bit. Why it's summer, black can bring the heat on lol.
I still love being a goth, and that's why I like these because of the hints of black.

do the jeans look good or will people think differently of me?Do these jeans look good? and will people see me as a fake if I wear them?
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  • They look good, but if your a goth stay to black
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  • They look good don't matter if your a goth
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  • They look terrible and you should stay with black
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  • They look terrible and it doesn't matter your a goth
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Someone please explain to me the reason (s) why hole in jeans are even a thing? In my opinion they all look like poorly treated clothes, not a fashion trend. So why is it a trend? or should I post this as a question to this app?

    • I don't wear ripped jeans cause they're trendy I wear them because I like them and kinda goes with gothic punk clothing :)

      I do get comments ripped jeans need to be taken back lol.

      I honestly can't say why they are a trend but go for it make it a question.

    • Cool. Thank you.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well they are interesting but personally i don't like ripped jeans, though you would probably look good in them. Hey here is an idea if you want to were light blue jeans are you good at art? Maybe get some permanent cloth marker and do some black designs on them.

    • Sounds like an interesting idea, I'll think on that one

    • Awesome, and hey don't be afraid to create your own style and add on to your clothes, personalised things are the best cause no one will ever have the same as you

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What Guys Said 4

  • Ever considered being a goth loli?

    Personally I think those jeans are terrible cause it's not even ripped anymore it looks like some wild animal took a bite out of it.

    • By lol I do you mean like the Lolita sub genre of goth?
      I'm more a punk goth, it's why I like the fishnet in these jeans.

      Seems kinda late now because my Aunt actually bought them for me about 3 days ago 😅 They cost her quite a bit lol, it's why I asked the question in the first place because I was unsure what to think of them. I usually wear black ripped skinny jeans and skull tees. I just feel so bad if I don't wear something someone bought me at least once.

    • It was a birthday gift by the way

    • I suppose? I think it's similar except there's more pink to go with the black and the hair is more curled.

      Ah I see well that's very nice of your aunt. I mean since you have it why not wear it and stroll around the neighborhood.

      I do still think the holes is just a little too much, but if you don't like it you could just not wear it.

  • Love them!!

  • They are cool.

  • they look good.


What Girls Said 6

  • Looks good, are you wearing fishnets underneath? Even black leggings would look good. I've seen some goths pull off dark purple too.

    • The fishnets are actually underneath the jeans

    • I love wearing dark purple and dark reds too

    • yeah dark reds under ripped black jeans would look fantastic

  • I like them but they seem a little mainstream

  • They look good.

  • I like them, I own like a pair like that

  • Most people like them, they're trendy

  • I love the look of them


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