Possible reasons for extended eye contact?

I was sitting in my car just about to go somewhere when I saw this guy that I know walking down the street. He looked at me so I looked at him but...as he was walking he past, he didn't take his eyes off of me. Then, as he was reaching the corner where he was going to turn, he turned back to look at me and waved hello to me. I waved back. Now I know for a fact that I didn't have anything on my face when he was looking at me. So what could be the reason why he kept looking at me when he was walking past me? By the way this isn't the first time he does that. He pretty much always makes extended eye contact with me when he sees me and he always waves at me or says hello to me but it's like he always looks at me for a bit before he does it. What could the reason for this be?


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  • i think you already know the reason he does it! sounds like he likes you. simple as that.


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