Fellow short guys, how do you feel about being short?

I feel completely pathetic about it. My height doesn't reflect my age at all. It's freaking humiliating, seeing 12-year olds that are almost as tall as me. I feel weak as hell. (I'm 17 myself. Not that i makes much of a difference but i mustve screwed up while making my profile. It says im 16.) I mean i guess it's handy for girls that like short guys, but that's really about it. I wouldn't want to be tall, just not short.
edit: i appreciate your comments, but this question is directed towards short guys. If you're not a short guy, don't answer. Simple as that.


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  • How short are you?
    I know a short guy and he have no problem with his height, he can date and all.

    • The guy I was talking about was only around 165 cm and he had no problem with his height.
      You're short but you're not under 170 cm so it's ok.

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  • I'm short and it has never been a problem. I didn't even know there was "supposed" to be anything wrong with being short until I was well into my 20s. By then I already knew it wasn't true.

    It has never been a problem. It has never held me back from anything. It hasn't even hurt me dating or getting girlfriends. It's just something that I was aware of being shorts since a young age, but it's never been anything negative or affected me in any way. It's something I rarely think about.

    There are a whole lot of factors that make up a person. Height is just one of them. You can't be perfect in all ways, so don't expect it.


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  • Omg you're 5'7". Stop complaining. I'm only 5'4" and I have no problems.

  • You sound weak.. grow some balls

    • I'm inclined to say fuck you but you're probably right

    • I'm short and I don't even notice
      If I see someone short I'm like yikes that guy is short and then he walks next to me and we are the same height

    • and I'm an inch shorter than you

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