How do I look taller and thinner?

I'm short, like 5'3. I also have a thicker build. I have wide shoulders and hips and a small waist. School starts in two weeks and I don't want to go back looking short and frumpy. How do I look taller and thinner (preferably without heels cause I only own heeled boots)? Ladies, any ideas?


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  • Your fine the way you are! I think some short girls are beutiful! Just pursue healthiness not looks! If you want to get thinner do cardiovascular excersises like swimming, running, jump rope, hike etc. Eat on a caloric deficit and workout. So wake up run and then eat. It's called intermittent fasting and helps you lose fat fast! Love, believe, and support yourself! Be genuine and you'll be fine! Pursue the best version of yourself not who others want you to be!

    Remember To loose weight
    Intermitente fasting or just eat healthy and less food (take it easy, don't hurt yourself)
    Rest plenty!

    Take it easy and relax, you'll get to your goal! All that matters is that you are working towards a better version of yourself! Seriously it's okay!


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  • Wear darker colors


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  • Look for clothes that make you taller. Nothing baggy for sure, makes you look too small for your clothes. Which accentuates your height. My legs are mush shorter than my torso so I like to wear pants that show my ankles or shorts. Also a shorter hairstyle helps too

  • honey. what you described in your question of yourself is normal. dark clothing does help for thinness if you like. but 5'3" is certainly good. just be yourself.


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