Hairstyles for long hair & no bangs?

i only know a few hairstyles for what I have the basic bun & ponytail flipping my bangs up to the top of my head and clipping them down ~ ( it looks like this link a lot of people call it the "poof"~

braiding my bangs link (except my bangs are only up to my shoulders... )

i just want a few more cause I'm getting kinds bored of these and I feel like the braids are too formal

if anyone has any ideas please comment & thanks :D

i haven't cut it in two years :o so its getting hard to manage


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  • Is there a particular reason why you do not let your bangs just fall? As a guy, I personally find bangs fairly attractive.

    • They always get in my face because of there length (and that's really distracting when your trying to draw or write) and I'm getting kinda bored of having it just down cause its like that all the time O=

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    • I've thought about it, but I'm just waiting for them to grow out a bit more so when I cut my hair short there won't be any bangs to get in the way :o

    • Nooo please don't cut your hair short =3...

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