Why is there so much craze about Supreme clothes. What's so special about this overpriced brand?


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What Girls Said 2

  • It shows you are financially stable and you care about style fashion... only people that don't have anything else to show and that are really poor brag about expensive clothes they buy... if you really can buy them fine but it doesn't make my soul happy much
    an ex let's say mark zuckerberg his net worth is crazy he has achieved dreamy goals in life therefore an expensive shirt won't satisfy him much, it won't mean anything to him thats why the most expensive shirt he got in his closet is only $3.89 🐭

  • That they're amazing.


What Guys Said 1

  • Material quality wise, there's nothing very special about it but they're outrageously priced and people still buy it. Why? The answer is branding. Supreme has been doing a very good job with branding. Their branding efforts follow a certain strategy that creates a sense of exclusivity on its customers' minds like most overpriced brands. This branding method fucks with your mind and makes you love the brand. They do it so well that even people who are aware of their slick strategy fall for it.

    • Damn you sound like a business school professor. So I see it's branding. Very interesting. Do you know how they do it?

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