How can I gain weight? I literally don't diet and can't gain?

I want to gain weight to get my curves then workout


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  • It's highly doubtful. Everybody has their own body-shape - you really can't change that. Working out builds and refines muscle tone - it will not make you 'curvy'. And getting fat won't either.

    You really need to stop comparing yourself to an ideology, and ignore the celebrity comparo and all the fake crap spewed out by hollyweird.

    Instead find a guy that really likes YOU just the way YOU are.

    • But I am curvy naturally
      I've just always been thin
      When I gain a healthy amount of weight
      I look really nice

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    • I want a bigger butt

    • You can't make your butt bigger unless you pile fat on it. You can make it a great shape by doing squants and glut exercises, but it won't get THAT much bigger.

      That's like trying to get bigger boos without surgery, or to be taller, or shorter. Just not happenin' honey.

      Wishing for things that are unrealistic seems to be a way to dream ones life away. Go out and make yourself the best YOU that you can be, awesome and successful, beautiful, fit, healthy, rich. None of the rest of this shit will matter then.

  • Do not bother. Time will do it to you naturally.

  • junk food is the way to go.


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