Why blonds look so good in white and brunettes so good in red?

I just find these girls like I just want to nail them right away.

Also blonds look great in light green and light blue.


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  • What are you actually asking?

    • Swimsuits.

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    • Google "Farrah Fawcett red swimsuit" .....This is where I think your idea falls apart. That's one of the most iconic swimsuits of all time on a very blond woman.

    • Yeah I don't like it at all, it was probably choose by girls that don't have a clue and guys that were not really putting attention.

      Neither I like Pamela Anderson on it, I think red looks way much better on Carmen Electra, she looks great in sylver too, Red just doesn't cut it for blondes.

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  • any girl looks good in a brown bathing suit in my opinion

    • Yeah that's why I didn't included.

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