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he kinda let it slip that he fantasizes about me. normally, I wouldn't question this, but he has a girlfriend. he's a very flirty guy, and he doesn't have a problem getting touchy feely. now, am I safe to say he's physically attracted to me?

if that's a yes, then lets move on. guys that are just physically attracted shy away from emotional baggage, right? if the girl is crying or not as talkative or anything like that, he shouldn't care... right? well, the guy in question does. he takes more time to talk with me and sort out my emotional problems than he does with his own girlfriend. is he just being a friend or what?

so now, after those things are set... is there any way that he might possibly like me? enough to have an actual relationship with me? or is he just enjoying the attention he gets outside of his current relationship?


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  • ``Touchy-feely'' may just be his communication style. Other people are porcupines.

    Each guy is different in relationship to another's baggage.

    This can easily become a co-dependent relationship.

    But, then, he just may be a nice guy.

    Oh, he likes you. But you'll have to give any relationship with him time --- especially since he's in another relationship. Moving into an established relationship can be bad for your health! Especially from his jilted ex.



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  • he wants a relationship don't tell his girl though don't sabotage.


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  • This sounds pretty similiar to what am going through except I'm usually the one giving him advice (though I'm sure if I asked he'd be all ears) and he's flirtier with me...potentially to compensate for his non flirty girlfriend. But he may like you, if he does he probably won't tell you cause he doesn't wanna be in an ass cause he's dating someone. My guy told me we were just friends...but if you like him maybe ask if he's ever thought about the two of you together?

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