What Hair Length is Best for a Girl?

I am a girl who had damaged hair so I recently cut it very short, below my earlobes. My hair is curly and dark. People say it's adorable, but I don't know how I will feel when I go to school..
  • Long hair is better it's more feminine
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  • Short Short Hair is cute
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  • Short hair touching shoulders is the way to go!
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  • It doesn't matter some people out there don't have hair
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • a lot girls look really pretty with short hair but I've seen hair that reaches the hip that's also really pretty. everyone has something that suits them better

    • I agree, lol long hair touching your hip is super hard to maintain tough xD

Most Helpful Girl

  • I prefer it long on me

    • Well thats your preference, I am talking about in general

    • Long, however short looks good on some women

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What Guys Said 6

  • Depending on the shape of peoples heads. Some people can't pull off having short hair.

    • Yea thats what I am told! that I have the right face shape

    • Great. My ex definitely was able to pull it off, but she kept going shorter and shorter and shorter. Good luck to you. Just don't regret it if you get too far into it, it'll grow back faster than you think.

  • I really like my girlfriend's short hair, she has it just past the earlobes. It looks cute on her.

  • I honestly tend to find short hair really good looking. Like pixie cuts.

  • Super long hair

  • I prefer girls with ponytail, as for the poll, medium or long hair is the best, not because it's "feminine", but because it looks more attractive on girls.

  • Shoulder length usually but some girls have the face for short hair and look good so maybe they're right

    • Yea, people say I have a good face for short hair.

    • I'm guessing you have an angular jawline, a bit like a triangle?

    • So go with it and be confident, I'm sure people will like it

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