What's your facial routine?

Any recommendations? No, I'm not talking about a sexual facial.


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  • I use the clarisonic brush with a gentle face wash in the morning.
    After work, I remove my makeup and use the clarisonic again to get all the makeup out.
    A few nights a week I'll do a face mask or a sheet mask as well.

    • I also have some topical acne stuff and moisturizer.

    • I tried the Clarasonic but it would make my skin really dry. Do they work well with clay cleansers? Any face mask recommendations?

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  • I put some stuff my sister bought for me from Mario Badescu, the sunblock, and then QV for my neck. And then if I feel like I need to add more, I'll do it haha. Mom and sister have tons of facial products they never use, so I end up getting them <3

  • I don't really do anything to it and I have minimal acne!


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