Guys, Overwhelmed With Insecurity?

I tend to be really insecure and self conscious about my body and my overall appearance. I just feel as though it's not up to par with what society, culture, and guys see as attractive. Sometimes I get so insecure and upset about the way that I look that I don't even want to leave the house. So I'm reaching out to you all for your opinion. What are ways that I can feel less insecure about my appearance and gain confidence about myself?


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  • The solution of it is self love. Just love yourself as you are rather than thinking about others. The main thing is not what society, culture and guys think about you in my opinion your own thinking about yourself is important. You have your own identity. Do you think looks is everything? in my opinion no. The overall personality is important ( Looks are part of personality).

    When you will learn self love automatically you would feel confident by which your self esteem would develop. Staying in house is not the solution of any problem. Let people think whatever they want to think. People would also not like when person is very beautiful and would be jealous by it.

    Don't get upset because of it.

    Hope it helps.

  • Well every girl is different. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. Im sure there is a guy who would find your type attractive.


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