Hip hop guy & a rock girl it could work?

So I have a crush in a guy, and already wondering about him, and I notice he likes hip/hop one of those white guys that thinks is a black cool guy...I am a rock and pop kind of girl (white too). Do you think that could be an issue for something not to work?

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  • I've often been called a skeleton: Pale and skinny. And I love hip-hop. If a girl saw me at the club, she might think I was one of those 'wigger' guys myself, but once you get to know me it's like a night and day difference, cause I also love indie/powerpop.

    Get to know him.

    Furthermore: In my opinion if you aren't open to hip-hop, you have closed off the most essential musical genre that exists. If you understand hip-hop, which is musically simple, you will learn more from other genres.


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What Guys Said 1

  • that shouldn't b an issue I've dated girls into punk (im spanish I like spanish music) and she actually got me into some of her music and vise versa I personally love dating girls with different taste if we liked the same things or had the same style then it would be kinda of boring


What Girls Said 1

  • i don't see why not. it depends on a guy. just because he is into hip hop doesn't mean he would completely rule out all girls that werent the hip hop kind of girl. I've seen this wannabe gangsta white boy go out with a southern country girl so it could happen

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