Did you ever get a nipple piercing?

Two questions I have about it:
1. Why do a lot of people only get one side pierced but not the other?
2. Did it hurt like really, really bad? I mean just taking stickers of mine hurts!
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  • I have one pierced but won't get the other one
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  • I have one pierced and plan on getting the other one pierced
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  • It must be painful and cause inflammation of the breast


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1) I like the look better. Just an aesthetic preference, no rational explanation.

    2) Yah, it hurt like a fuckermother... but then it was over, and that was that. It's really, really, REALLY fast.

    My nips have actually been noticeably more sensitive since I first had BA. (Nothing was done surgically anywhere near the nipple or areola, so, as far as explaining that, I got nothin'.)
    So, in theory, it'd be interesting to see how that would affect this — but I have no plans to do anything on the other side, so "theory" is how that one's gna have to stay.


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