Does getting your 2nd ear piercings hurt? if so, how can I get it to not?

im 19 and want to get my seconds done. I'm just worried it'll hurt because when i got my first ear piercings done 11 years ago, it hurt so bad that i actually cried. my one friend got her 2nds done awhile ago and she said it hurt badly. my other friend got hers done a year and some ago and she said it didn't hurt at all (they both got them done at the same store btw)

so i was wondering if it hurts and if it does, what can i do to make it not hurt or at least not hurt as much? maybe my firsts hurt because i was only like in grade 2 and i couldn't handle a lot of pain, I don't know

please help me because I'm nervous thinking about it because i hate needles and piercing guns aren't much different since the earrings act as a needle basically


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  • I have a lot of ear piercings (22 at the moment) and don’t feel that they hurt much at all, I have done most of mine myself and still pierce them regularly, not all of them have been permanent but I don’t think it hurts at all really, I hope this helps


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  • Needles hurt less... some doctors will lidocaine you up and do it.

    • really? they'd put you under anesthesia to pierce ears?

    • Local anesthesia. Some tattoo places do too. I'd search for a doctor though.

    • Oohhh I see

  • didn't hurt me at all, but it probably depends on the pain tolerance of each person

    • well what if my pain tolerance is medium? like a 7/10?

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    • I'm not sure about that, I got mine done at Claire's. (I don't recommend, go to an actual shop)

    • yah i stopped by a place that is good with my friend and they said they put some freezing gel on 30 minutes before to make it a bit less painful if pain isn't something i can tolerate well since some can't while some can. so, i think i'd be completely fine with that

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