Where will it get me? Shall I take a little risk for him?

My friend introduced me to a boy of which she tryed to set me up with but I didn't want her to as I wanted to do this alone. So she has left it down to me to sort things out between me and him. We got talking and he seem's really nice and I think, if I got to know him a bit better I might grow to like him. I am already interested but he does not yet know this. a few months ago he was interested but I had just gotten out of a bad situation with another lad and so it was difficult for me and he accepted that. But after a while we stopped talking and never saw each other. I see it as if he doesn't make an effort I'm not going to, because I don't like to think I am annoying him. But recently he started talking to me alittle and I am confussed about what to do as he asked me for a picture of me in my underwear. No one has ever asked me before so I don't want to dissapoint him, but I said no as I was affraid he would either not like it or only wanted me for one thing. He kept asking but every time I said no.. I don't want to give it to him with the the thought that he only would be interested in me for one thing. I wanted to be able to meet up a little bit more often, get to know him hang out and make something work out, not just be a fling or something to keep him satisfyed. Idont want to feel cheap, but I feel that if I don't give him one he won't be interested and will go off and find another girl as there are pleanty more out there waiting for him. I am not sure whether or not to do this pictue for him, he said he would give me one in return just to keep my mind at ease but it doesn't bother me. I just don't want to be used again. I want to find a decent relationship, or make one.. Can anyone give me any idea's? Should I do this for him and see where it gets me? Or forget it and hope that he might stay interested?


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  • erm... if you don't give it to him won't it keep him interested? he will still want it...

    If he leaves u... the he wasn't interested in a relationship.


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