Why does it take guys so long?

One of my best guys friends told my best girl friend that he likes me. I really like him back. I've noticed that he texts me more often and when we are with a big group of people he usually hangs around me. We've gone on a couple of casual dates, but he isn't doing anything. (by not doing anything I mean making any moves). It's not like I want him to pull something on me but holding hands would be nice. I don't want to move fast but at the rate we are going it'll take months for him to even kiss me. Why is it taking him so long. We had a fling about a year ago, but it didn't really last very long. But he was moving faster then, I just don't understand what he is waiting for... HELP!


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  • well he could be really nervous GIRLS ARE SCARY! try telling your freind to tell him your interst


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  • Usually when a guy goes slow, it can mean a few different things: either he does like you, but is shy or nervous OR he really likes you and wants to go slower to make things more meaningful and be more respectful of you OR he likes you as a friend but is not all that attracted to you.

    If he is talking to you a lot and hanging around you a lot, chances are good that he really does like you, because if he was either uninterested or not attracted, he probably wouldn't do those things.

    Basically, your options are either to bring it up to him and ask him why he's acting this way, or to just keep being nice to him and being patient, giving him time to come out of his shell more.

    • Well I decided to wait for a bit...to see how things panned out. And it worked, he finally asked me out and we have gone on several dates. Thanks for the advise!

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