Why do undershirts get so small so fast?

All my undershirts are too small for me. But why after a couple of washes they get so small some go above my bellybutton. Some i can tuck in but they pull out. Anyone else have this problem with undershirts? I do get the right size. It's just irritating when they ride up.


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  • I think it might not be the washing them, it might just be you! You're hitting growth spurt time!! Very exciting!

    • You think so?

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    • In case you ever need any other advice😉

    • Okay I will let you know know how the tape works with my undershirts.

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  • Yes they get shrunk in the dryer or they could of been washed in hot water. I think the best thing to do is wash them in cold water and
    hang them to dry on clothes line and don't put them in the dryer.


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  • Cause your a growing boy


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