Party girl ...good or bad?

OK well I'm known as a party girl I just love going out and having fun.but I've recently realized that guys hate party girls because they seem to easy.the thing is I party all the time but I don't sleep around or go from guy to guy. I'm thinking about settling down and actually dating again but I don't know if I should stop my party life style. I don't want to be viewed as just another crazy wild girl but I also don't want to just sit around not having fun.I want guys to know that I'm more than just a one night stand , I love relationships and I don't what I'm really trying to say is should I change my ways in order to find a bf,or keeps parting until I find the right guy?

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  • At the end of the day, The guys who think that party girls just sleep around need to grow up because they don't have a clue. It's just like a label really isn't it? And that needs to be got rid of! You need to ask these guys out on dates, While partying, So that you're having fun, And letting them see the side of you that they should instead of just assuming you are a one night stand girl.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I totally agree with what jayjaysampson said! I'd much rather be in a relationship with a fun girl who likes to party than with a stuck up girl... Don't change, just find someone who likes you for who you are :D (and yes I know that sounds unbelievably cheesey :))

  • you've gotta find a happy medium, find a guy who likes to party and doesn't cheat and you'll have a perfect match, but that'll be hard. guys who party are usually players, I know because my friends are the biggest players I know lol.

  • I like to party too! sometimes I just met some girl, ask her for dance, and I like dancing too. :D


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  • i think you should do what makes you happy :) and yes, asking them out in that type of scene seems very reasonable! it does show you're after the right things. I party, and I'm not like that at all either!