Why was this lady looking at me at the party?

I've just been to a friends 21st birthday party today (17 July 2010) & whilst I was there, there was a woman of about late 40s who was sitting with her friend.

As the night went on I noticed this woman glancing over at me but not smiling or anything. As I went up to the buffet, she did the same again but just the once.

After I sat back down and had finished eating, she did the same again & at one point whispered something to her friend then 3seconds after whispering, she glanced again. We didn't talk or anything!

I was wearing a shirt & jeans & am a 23yr old 6ft tall guy.

What was she up to?


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  • Probably wondering how her clothes would look in a pile on the floor next to your bed.

    Welcome to the other side dude. How many times have you checked out girls and commented to your friends?

    No telling. Was she attractive? Next time talk to her. Just remember...Cougars don't believe in quickies.


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