Girls, How can I divide these ingredients to where they would be most effective together?

I've looked on pinterest for diy hair growth masks and I've seen these ingredients in different types of masks:

Vitamin E oil
100% pure Castor oil
Organic virgin coconut oil
almond oil
argan oil
and lavender oil

i was wondering if i could use all of these together for a nightly overnight hair mask. how can i divide these ingredients up where they would be most effective together?


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  • well... castor oil has a really thick consistency.. so use less of it
    almond/coconut oil/ argan oil are carrier oils so use equal parts of each
    lavender essential oil you should use a couple of drops only (cause E. O are strong)
    use not so much honey cause it can be hard to wash off
    for the vitamin E.. use a little less than carrier oils


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