Before asking a girl out...

Sorry, I know this may sound like an odd question. For some reason I've never gotten involved with a woman before by the formal go out on a first date so on and so forth. At any rate, I'm thinking about trying to snag a date with this girl that sits next to me in one of my classes. The thing about it is that though we've spoken a little bit, it's been a very little bit. The after class setup isn't conducive to conversation. On top of that, I'm horrible at branching out. Everyone I know I have met through friends. So should I just go for broke and see if she wants to get some sushi and go to this blues club, or do I need to try to chat her up some more beforehand?


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  • Make sure you chat her up a little before asking her out. It just helps ease tension. But don't feel the need to become her best friend before you do. If you enter friend zone, it's hard to get out. Just be cool and confident when you talk to her and ask her out, and all will probably go over nicely.


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  • Get to know her more before asking her to go somewhere with you.

    That way, if she says yes, there shouldn't be that 'beginning of a first date' awkwardness, as

    if she's going out with some blind date or something.


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  • Find out what she likes see if you share similar interests and do an activity like that!

    • Definitely not the issue I'm having in any way shape or form.