Girls here with this style, which from your experience?

If you're 1 of these girls who wears fitted black tights and furry boots and keeps a straight face on guys who are players trying to run game on u by ignoring it and not looking down so their jaw won't drop, then trying to get through your straight face-which of these type of guys in your personal experience if you saw face to face would tell to totally drop the act because they're way too easy to defeat like this and not even close to as good as they think they are since you've easily won against them when they couldnt ignore it, looked down and went😮😮😮?
  • Im not 1 of these girls/I am, but none of these guys, they're all good at it/Im 1 but haven't had guys try tgat on me
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  • Im 1 and have. Players with a smooth smirk!
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  • Im 1 and have. The academic quiet types!
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  • Im 1 and have. Jocks!
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  • Im 1 and have. Older guys!
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  • Im 1 and have. Wannabe gangster types!
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  • I'm 1 and have. A totally different type of guy not listed
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  • Wow was that a run on sentence. I am a girl who wears black tights and furry boots, but then you lost me, I honestly have no idea what you are asking.


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