Do you Shave/Wax/Laser?

At first I'm not hairy, just fine hairs. Since I shave 3 times and wax 2 times. My leg hairs grow longer and thicker and uneven growth. I'm regret. I want to remove this hairs but I'm afraid it grow more. Do you Shave/Wax/Laser??


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  • Laser is the best option...
    Since you are light skin with dark hair it will work very well... some info on starting off

    You will need a low wavelength laser... Alexandria or light sheet duet. It will most likely remove it for many years.. all gone


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  • Remove them anyways lol I dont get why people say they dont remove hair because it will grow back stronger. Just keep removing it everyday.

    • But naturally less hair is better, isn't it?

    • in my opinion I find any hair on girls repusling and manly. If you want you can remove these hairs permanently by a laser session which burns the follicles. It's relatively cheap and doesn't take much time.

    • ok thank you..

  • It grew more hairy after you shaved and waxed? NO way.. it doens't.
    And you are good and lucky woman to be naturally least hairy. I am envious of you dear. So much better than me. I am SUPER hairy :'(

  • Waxing will make the hairs finer (thinner, less thick).

  • No it won't grow thicker or longer. i been shaving my body hair since long time all you get dark hair.


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