Color of discharge?

im on birth control, I ended my period last week though, but once in for the past few days my discharge is brown. but the last time I had sex was two months ago. and I had a gino appointment a few weeks ago and nothing was wrong with my pee. and he said I was a little irritated down there but that was normal. should I be worried about the color of my discharge?


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    you might find this helps x

  • Does the discharge smell? If so it might be an infection, but probably not since it isn't greenish. If there is something wrong though it is good to eat lots of yogurt, cranberry juice, and water. Yogurt keeps infections away, cranberry juice keeps away bladder infections, and water keeps your body cleansed.


    it's probably just "leftover" blood from your period. Sometimes after mine I get some brown stuff in my underwear. I think it's probably just some old blood. Your doctor would have known if you had an infection.