What does cute mean?

I'm a guy and sometimes people say I'm cute. I was clubbing last night and bumped into my sister, she had all her friends their and they kept saying stuff like 'aww isn't he cute'...or 'isn't he lovely'. But like is there a difference between cute, hot, or gorgeous?


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  • hot: based solely on looks, this is the guy that we would have sex with but not necessarily a relationship

    gorgeous: this guy is one step up from hot...he's model worthy. Again, thought of more in a sexual way than a dating way.

    cute: these are the guys that are sweet and genuine...the kind girls want to date. If your sister's friends were calling you cute, it could be because of something you did.

    Think of it like you think of girls: hot ones are the ones you wanna f***, while cute ones are the ones you wanna date and bring home to mom.

    Just my opinion, but I hope it helps! : )


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  • Yes, there's a difference. Cute means, hey he's good looking and seems like a nice guy to hang out with. Hot means, I'm totally attracted to you physically, you have a nice body, etc. Gorgeous is like Prince Charming. The whole package, hot and nice and someone you wish you could date!

    Don't underestimate yourself though. Girls who might like you won't tell you your hot or gorgeous to your face unless they just want to get with you physically or they're really open with their feelings. They'd probably say that to their friends but say your cute to your face. So just be cool and approachable. Don't think too much about it. Girls like a little mystery to a guy.

    Hope this helps! It's a little scatter-brained but I think I covered it haha

  • A lot of guys get nervous about being called cute by girls because they're afraid it means the girl isn't interested. But that's not true at all. Most girls I know will say a guy is cute if they ARE interested in him.

  • Let's see.

    Cute, to me, is more like a boy/man who you enjoy their features but not to the extent that you'd lust. Cute makes girls smile instantly. They love the way your features are set in a way that may remind them of a younger person.

    Hot is a term for a boy/man to drive the girl insane, and they usually don't think of the term 'Hot' to apply to a younger person. I've always thought that someone Hot was at the top range of my attractive-list, you know, the way their hair is made, eyes set, etc.

    And Gorgeous could be in that range of the term Hot. But, Gorgeous is a person who is beautiful, but you might not be attracted to them as much. Then again, someone might think Gorgeous is better than Hot.

    Hope I wasn't confusing. =)


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