How do I appeal more to girls my own age?

I have an issue of looking 17-19 and it makes it so I really only attract underage girls that think I'm cute. I don't know this until I have already started talking to them and we go into age. I'm almost 22 and I am getting tired of the underage girls because I don't wanna get in trouble with the law for consorting with a minor.

I wear tight shirts, pants and workout. I cut my facial hair because so many of my girl friends told me to.


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  • If you want to look older, some things you can do are:

    eat more and weightlift to gain some weight

    get a "mature" haircut

    dress a bit older (ie: wear more things like polos rather than baggy t shirts and jeans)

    strategically placed facial hair can also help, although many girls prefer well shaven guys

    Shaggier hair, beachy clothes, a baby face, and a thinner frame are telltale signs of youth lol.


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  • some sort of facial hair, and more mature clothing, I have the same problem, but I noticed when I grew a beard, people said I looked to be in my late 20's and when I shaved I looked like I was 16 I'm 21 as well

  • money helps. classy attire and mannerisms too. you have to understand what it is that girls your own age want, and then get that. develop your own style, get confident, become determined in walking your own path and doing things your way. It's good to take advice here and there, but don't be a slave to opinion.

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