Tell me why is it so?

This is Kimberly Elise.
Dont know who she is, but she's beautiful and an inspiration. She has yet to have a nose job to "fix" the "gigantism" that is her nose and instead, has embraced it.
She's so confident and so PRETTY! I want to be that confident about my features like that.

Anyway, my cousin is not black, so, he may be bias, like I'm bias, on how Kimberly looks. Anyway, he called her "hideous" and while that is his opinion and whatever, it reminds me of when people on this app called Candid called me "grotesque." He called her hideous because her nose was too big.
I wasn't offended or called him a racist, although, he low key is (another story for another time,) however, he called me racist and acted like I killed his mother when I said I thought Carli Delavine (British actress) was not HOT (she's pretty, not hot) because her face looked like is going to cut me (she has very sharp features.)
How is one opinion racist but the other isn't? And I have no problem with any racial features, I think all people can look beautiful, but in terms of worldwide, why are more "European features" desirable and those who dont fit that category considered ugly?
I see black girls with white guys all the time or black girls who are considered hot, and when I look at them, they are|1 coated with makeup or|2 have European features.
Is this a thing my generation is the only perpetuating or do people (universally) find enthic features just really unattractive? And dont say you just like it because its a preference, you need to explain why.
I prefer cookies and cream ice cream and I explain why I like it so much.
Tell me why is it so??Tell me why is it so??


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  • Kimberly Elise is such an underrated actress, and she is not hideous at all.. I don't know what he was on.. I think that statement was hinted with racism.. I can't believe you know who Lance Gross is but not Kimberly Elise.. LOL.. But, cmon European features have been praised because that's what people have been conditioned to see as more beautiful.. A nice look at history could fix give you the full scope.. It's slowly changing, but it'll take some time.. Also, her nose isn't big at all.. LOL.. It's more like a medium sized nose..

    • She's pretty. I'm not a model by any means but I can say that Kimberly is better than Cara.

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    • Yeah, well that's just how society was formed.. Through European standards from the colonial days.. And oh please yo nose is fine.. I wouldn't call it huge.. LOL..

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • She was in Madea: diary of a mad black woman. She's a great actress. She's beautiful, maybe not a sexy kind of appeal. She looks like a sweet, teacher or something.


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  • I've dated two beautiful black gals when I was in the military, and both of them had noses like hers. I never thought about their features, especially their noses. I did notice their personalities, first off, and both were tremendous lovers, and good friends to this day.

    • so it must be our generation.

    • To be honest, I'm not quite convinced it is generational as much as it's about parents instilling value for others.

  • u could look like her get her hair and stop wearing glasses

    • I can see without glasses.

  • That British actress is hot tho, more so than this woman in my opinion

    "And dont say you just like it because its a preference, you need to explain why."

    Excuse me but no. There is no need to explain. No one thinks over why they like certain things, they just do. Perhaps it's upbringing, perhaps it's the society and environment around them, whatever the case is, a preference merits no explenation. Everyone is entitled to one.

    • Of course, but I'm curious as to why? I like nice jaws because they have beautiful smiles. I love smiles because they make me happy.

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    • I really can't explain why I like the features that I do. I just do. And, honestly, I have never felt the need to explain them.

    • Cara Delavine is her name, and I think she's weird lookin... LOL..

  • So much hassle because of difference in tastes... I'd leave him alone. The deeper you get involved, the more annoying and insulting he'll become. I don't like this woman and I don't like Carli Whateverhername, does that make me double racist? No.

    • he's not racist for his opinion. As I put it (), he's racists for other things.

    • I don't think you can change that, cause hatred usually has no viable reason.

  • racism is bullshit. racist are not racist but others are in their eyes. ignore them.


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