OK so I rarely wear eyeshadow at all, and I really want to because I think it would look cute and I like all the colors and stuff etc. but I don't know how to put it on, like I'm afraid I'll put to much on and should I go up a little bit towards the brow line?


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  • Yeah I agree! My best girlfriend uses eye shadow a lot and it's so amazing. She took a class at MAC and they told her about all the techniques. There are so many different ways to apply eye shadow but the simplest form, which she told me, was using two shades of the same color preferably (Or not). Use the lighter shade on the inside and the darker of the two on the outside, and just blend in the middle. I don't know what your eye looks like but you SHOULDN'T put too much towards the brow line unless it's a neutral color, unless you want a dramatic look. :)

  • Go to link and enter "eyeshadow" in the search box. Loads of video tutorials on just about anything on that site :) Just don't overdo it, people should see your eyes first and then your eyeshadow!

  • I don't wear eye shadow because it can irratate my eyes BUT I do apply it on my friends for special occaisions. There are numerous ways to apply eye shadow one simple way is:

    1) choose a pretty color ( medium light) for all of your lid.

    2) use a lighter color just below your brow bone for 'highlight'

    3) use a darker color for the crease

    4) Blend! With a clean brush

    *just play around with the colors until you get the hang of it or watch youtube videos. ;)

    Hope that helps :).