How much better did you look in your 20s?

I'm 24 now and have been struggling career wise and Im wondering if when im in my 40s - 50s and hopefully have my life together (earning enough to move out of my parents place and not struggle to pay rent and bills) am I likely to still be able to keep a some what similar level of fitness and looks?
Or are these most people's best years physically?
I mean at the moment I want to screw more than a relationship but situationally i'm not in the best position to do that and when I am then i'm thinking physically will I be much less able and attractive. less muscular and will a bear belly and wrinkles etc


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  • I think it just depends how you take care of yourself. Genetics too obviously, but taking care of yourself will help.


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  • This is a very good question.

    The key to maintaining your attractiveness is to maintain your health.

    What you need to do:
    1. Avoid stress as much as possible in this may even mean avoid relationships because women are very good sources of stress as they cost you money and create and propagate drama. Make sure she doesn't have any expensive hobbies like horses because that's just throwing money away. So before you get into a real relationship, you will want to be older and with a woman who has her shit together with a good source of income and is good with saving and investing so that way you don't have drama regarding money.
    2. Continuously exercise preferably things that are low impact on the joints like swimming and bicycling and maybe hiking. 3. You also need to eat healthy and that can be pricey but for you that will be worth it in the long run. This means eat a lot of vegetables don't consume any thing with high fructose corn syrup or added sugar high fat or anything like that. Consider going vegan. Every vegan I know is in good health. Don't eat any fast food. Cook for yourself as much as possible. Not only is it healthier but women are attracted to men who can cook.
    4. Save as much money as you can. Live below your means. Not only safe but invest intelligently. Basically what this is going to do is provide you with money in the event of emergencies and other stressful times. In other words having this extra money helps eliminate fear and stress which ages you greatly.
    5. Consider not having children because children will cost a lot of money and put a lot of constraints on your life and thus add to stress. Furthermore given the state of the world bringing children into it isn't exactly the best thing for them. Look at the shit you're going through and unless you're wealthy like Trump they're going to have a worse life.

    Some things regarding your attractiveness cannot be helped with though you can only mitigate the effects. For instance you may suffer male pattern baldness. You may also get gray or white hair earlier in life but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You may also have other genetic conditions which will make themselves known as you get older.

    So, in short, minimize spending, avoid stress and drama, eat healthy, and exercise.

      Believe whatever you want to believe but the last thing you need is to be around stress-inducing judgmental people.

      Consider adopting many of the principles of Buddhism because that will reduce stress greatly.

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    • and yes I do generally try to avoid organized religion though there where 2 times I had business ideas that involved me tried unsuccessfully to sell to some of them.

    • Also avoid the Sun as much as possible. If you're a white guy you need sunlight to help make vitamin D which is necessary for survival. However if you are exposed to the Sun a great deal, you'll get age spots and wrinkles and there is a much higher probability of getting skin cancer.

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  • I am 51. My body looks better than it did at 20 but the face is worse. I was good looking then. Now, I consider myself average.

  • If you want to avoid wrinkles, I would invest in a skin care system that would clean your face and stop wrinkles from forming on your face. I personally use Tiege Hanley and it comes with a Face Wash, AM/PM Moisturizer, and Exfoliated Scrub. I am only 32 but this really helps in cleaning my face and removing dead skin and moisturizing my skin. There's also an eye cream that you use in the morning and nights that stops crow's feet from forming around the corners of your eyes and eliminated bags under you eyes. There's also firming serum for you face that tightens up the face muscles.

    I don't look old and could possibility pass for my mid 20's still as I have a young face. I don't smoke or drink so that helps as well as smoking causes wrinkles. But I also think your genetics play a role as well in how you will age as you get older.


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