What do you think of guys heavily tattooed?

I love tattoos and am already working on a sleeve ideas but what do you think about men with heavy tattoos


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  • I think while it might be a bit intimidating to some, it gives off an air of creativity -- depending on how well thought out the tats are. Just try to keep your sleeve free from stupid or clichΓ© tatoos and I think you're good!

    Did you already have some specific ideas in mind?

    • Yes I have a lot of ideas in mind but I really like the idea of a sort land scape so say mountains on my shoulder area and then a river flowing down then filling out to be a sort late on my lower arm. Yeah it's hard to explain but I have some photos but I don't know how to send them on this aha

    • Ooh, that sounds really interesting. By landscape did you mean an outline landscape or? I think you just go on my profile page and click the envelope icon on the top right corner to DM :-)

    • Aww it won't let me send it not the right level aha. Sort of a outline but I also do like details

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  • I have some tattoos and do not care if another guy has them, but love when a girl has tattoos. Girls with tattoos are badass and not ladylike, which I like.


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  • I think water down the ink if it's heavy... don't use lead based

  • Criminal
    Drug user

  • trying too hard to appear tough and/or hip


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